western cape shark cage diving

Top 4 Shark Diving Spots in the World

Most people have a bucket list. That list of things we want to do in a lifetime. For some it is buying a sports car, getting a tattoo, climbing Mount Everest, but for people who love being in the water, it’s going to be something a little different, perhaps even extreme. One of those things will likely be shark cage diving. We’ll look at some of the best places to swim with sharks all over the world. 

1. Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town shark cage diving has been known as the home of the Great White Shark and has been made popular through Shark Week’s Air Jaws, where shark experts such as Chris Fallows and Dickie Chivell show viewers the magnificence of the great white shark. There are a select few hark cage diving companies that offer an opportunity to witness breaching,

western cape shark cage diving

a behaviour observed where sharks lunge themselves out of the water and into the air while hunting. What is lesser known is that there are a wide variety of other shark species in South Africa, such as the bronze whale shark, seven gill shark, mako shark, cow shark and blue shark.

Exciting Cage Diving Experience with Great White Sharks in Gansbaai

2. Isla Guadalupe, Mexico

Guadalupe Mexico is one of the few places where one can cage dive in a SPOC, the self-propelling ocean cage, offering divers a unique experience of moving along side the great white sharks seen in the waters of Mexico at a speed of around 5 knots.  The other options are submerged cages, where there is an incredible 360-degree view of the shark-filled waters. This does mean that there may be some scuba experience required.

3. Neptune Island, Australia

Neptune Island Marine Park in South Australia is a great spot to go shark cage diving, offering both surface and ocean floor options. Due to the seal pups entering the waters, divers are provided with the opportunity to witness natural predation. At this dive location, you are likely to witness great white sharks all year round, as they migrate to the islands for the high number of seals and sea lions in the area.

Neptune Island shark cage diving
Cage Diving with Sharks in Cape Town in March 2018

4. Tiger Beach, Bahamas

For those looking for a much more natural experience, and do not feel the need to be restricted by a cage, Tiger Beach in the Bahamas is going to be a remarkable option for shark diving.  As the name suggests, divers are most likely to see tiger sharks in these waters but may also see the hammerhead shark and lemon shark. The Bahamas is well known for its beautifully clear waters. This provides a spectacular view for dives, providing some of the best underwater visibility.

You might also be interested in our guide to shark species of South Africa. To find out more about our tours, get in touch with our team. Alternatively, you can book your Gansbaai shark cage diving trip online now.

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