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Shark Cage Diving Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA

Family Owned since 1996

Preserve and protect the living systems of our region and the planet with a safe, sustainable, educational and personal experience for every guest who we are fortunate enough to have join us.

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The merest of ripples will have you scanning the deep, blue waters. The schools of fish, once busy chasing scraps off the stern, suddenly vanish. Now – silent anticipation! Your first encounter with over four hundred million years of evolution is about to come true.

And there it is – a lithe, muscular, torpedo-like body rising from the depths; beginning to circle; its approach measured, unhurried, all-powerful; its senses alive, its eye watchful; its dorsal fin breaking the surface as it glides past – an unforgettable moment; your trepidation turning to awe, for to be in the company of such majesty is truly an honour; a life-changing moment beyond your wildest dreams.

Planet Earth is blessed with over five-hundred species of shark, and South Africa enjoys the biggest share of all. Here in the waters of False Bay and Cape Point, we are blessed with Bronze Whaler sharks, Sevengill sharks, Mako sharks, Blues sharks, and, of course, the iconic Great white shark – not to mention an abundance of other marine life, including inquisitive Cape fur seals, comedic African penguins, thousand-strong pods of Common dolphins, plus the magnificent Southern Right and Brydes Whales.

Apex Shark Expeditions operate licensed, eco-friendly cage diving trips, focused on introducing people to these incredible animals and providing an understanding with a strong conservation message.

Apex’s ethos is simple – to share the love of wildlife in a friendly, educational and professional environment. We value our guests highly; every effort is taken to ensure your comfort, and with longer trips than any other operator conducted with the smallest group sizes in the industry, we are proud to have gained an unparalleled reputation in giving our guests the ultimate experience with personal attention and insight conveyed by our experienced guides.

Our aim – to ensure you get the absolute most from your time with us aboard. And with forty-percent of our clientele being repeat guests, the figures speak for themselves.

Many of our longer expeditions are led by some of the world’s most respected scientists and biologists, and Apex continues to be leaders in shark research, lectures and collaborations on scientific papers. So, by stepping aboard with us, you will not only be in the company of pioneers, but ground-breakers too, in shark education and conservation.

Apex Shark Expeditions is on the cutting edge of marine wildlife photography giving photographers, both amateur and professional alike, fantastic opportunities to capture the best shots without compromising the animals. This is why we have been the first-choice shark diving company for many of the world’s top wildlife photographers and film crews – including BBC’s Planet earth and Discovery Channels Air Jaws series, plus the makers of over forty other documentaries have all been exclusively or partially facilitated by Apex Shark Expeditions.

It is our passion to provide you with a life-changing experience and new appreciation of the wildlife we are fortunate enough to encounter. While the sharks are our primary focus, our trips are much like going on an African safari, and should not be rushed, but cherished and savoured, hence being longer than any other operators. Weather conditions and shark behaviour can be unpredictable, so shark sightings are not always guaranteed. However, with our years of experience and knowledge of the waters, we will do our utmost to show you these majestic creatures.

From the whole Apex team – we look forward to welcoming you aboard soon.

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“Not every day is a Planet Earth day, but we will do our best to make it a special one.”

#1 Great White Shark Cage Diving in Cape Town l South Africa

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4 of Cape Town's
Top Attractions

In One Day

A combination of a shark trip plus a land tour to the Penguin Colony, the Cape Point Nature Reserve


Sharks up Close & Personal

If you are planning on driving the Garden route, Gansbaai is conveniently located between Hermanus and Mossel Bay. 

5 - 10 Day Packages

Experience Different Shark Behaviour

Our packages extend across all four shark hotspots in South Africa.



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