Cancer in Sharks


By Courtney Cooper The Truth About Cancer in Sharks Some of you may have heard of the book, “Sharks Don’t Get Cancer” that was published in the early 1990’s, it’s not something that we want to hear, but even sharks get cancer. In fact, scientists have known for over 150 years that sharks get cancer. […]

The Megalodon – The largest sharks that ever lived

is Shark Cage Diving ethical

By Courtney Cooper The Truth About Megalodon Some of you may have heard of the Megalodon, either in reference to the movies, The Meg (the one where Jason Statham battles the giant Megalodon), or from the news when new fossils are discovered. Each time a new fossil is discovered the opportunity arises for us to […]

Sharks and their Hunting Techniques

Sharks and their hunting Techniques

By Courtney Cooper Sharks and their hunting Techniques Sharks are impressive sea creatures that hunt in different ways. They have 6 senses, smell, hearing, touch, taste, sight and electromagnetism that help keep them at the top of the food chain. To be able to witness these sharks hunting their prey in the wild is a […]

How do Sharks See?

cow shark in cape town

By Courtney Cooper   How do Sharks See?   Sharks are one of the most feared predators in the ocean. With their highly developed senses, such as their ability to smell blood, they can hunt and kill their prey while remaining at the top of the food chain. Little is known about the shark’s sense […]

Five of the Friendliest Sharks

Five of the Friendliest Sharks

By Courtney Cooper   Five of the Friendliest Sharks   It’s true, there are sharks out there that are cute and friendly! Of the over 500 species of sharks, only a handful of them have been known to attack humans and even these attacks are mostly a case of mistaken identity. This blog explores some […]

How do Bull Sharks Survive in Fresh Water?

Bull shark image

By Courtney Cooper   How do Bull Sharks Survive in Fresh Water?   When we think of sharks, we naturally think of the ocean. But did you know that there are seven known shark species that can be found in fresh water? These sharks include the Greenland Shark, Pondicherry, Spear tooth, Ganges and the Bull […]

What is the Average Lifespan of Sharks?

Broadnose Sevengill Shark

By Courtney Cooper How Old do Sharks get? The earliest shark fossil discovered dated to over 450 million years ago. The earliest human fossil to be found was over 3.2 million years ago. Sharks existed long before humans and dinosaurs, in fact they have survived 5 global mass extinctions. We have the privilege of still […]

Great White Shark vs Orca – Who is the fastest?

Who is the fastest

By Courtney Cooper Great White Sharks vs Orca’s Orcas have been captivating all ocean lovers across the globe for decades. Most recently, they have fascinated the shark community by becoming the contested apex predator over the great white shark. The orca has the upper hand when it comes to predating on a great white shark […]

12 Unknown Truths About Sharks

how to choose a shark cage diving destination

By Courtney Cooper Truths about Sharks that Might Surprise you Think you know all there is to know about sharks? With over 500 species, we are still learning more about these magnificent creatures of the ocean every day!  In this blog, we’ll be exploring some more fascinating truths and myths about sharks that you may […]

How do Sharks Mate?

Cage Diving with Sharks in Cape Town in March 2018

By Courtney Cooper We explore Shark’s Mating habits, their rituals, fertilization, and reproduction Sharks have been around for more than 450 million years based off fossil records. They have been on earth before trees, one could say that they are a “living fossil”. The shark population is dwindling and the need to conserve these animals […]



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