Shark Week 2020 – Celebrating 20 Years of Air Jaws


WRITTEN BY CHRIS FALLOWS Shark Week 2020 A personal account by Chris Fallows of what it means to him and 20 highlights for 20 years for Shark Week 2020. The extent of the fascination of the world for the flying Great white sharks after the team’s discovery of this unique behaviour at Seal Island in False Bay, […]

Sharks of Southern Africa, 2016


Now in its fourteenth year, the 2016 Sharks of Southern Africa expedition once again delivered its share of various shark species, marine mega fauna and the excitement of each day’s unexpected surprises. The weather for this year’s expedition was exceptional, with only 2 out of 11 days lost to wind or swell. Water conditions varied dramatically, with […]

Great white sharks New Zealand

shark cage diving South Africa

  A Shark Week documentary on Fred the shark in New Zealand   In early March Chris & I were extremely privileged to be part of filming for an upcoming Shark Week Show for Discovery Channel. The Legend of Fred will be aired this coming August! In this documentary, you’ll find out all we know about […]

Cage Diving with Apex in Mossel Bay

shark cage diving South Africa

Great white shark diving at Seal Island in Mossel Bay is the perfect shark diving stop if you are exploring the famous Garden Route. Mossel Bay has its own Seal Island and this one is home to 3000 cape fur seals. It is much smaller than its namesake in False Bay and is 200m long […]

Shark Bytes March 2020

shark cage diving South Africa

Great White Shark News during Lockdown in South Africa due to Covid-19 pandemic I have been writing Shark Bytes for close on 20 years now, and I never thought we would one day be in the situation we are all in right now. I always try to find a positive from a bad situation. Most […]

Diving with Great White Sharks in Hermanus

shark cage diving South Africa

The fishing town of Gansbaai in the Southern Cape is not only the birth place of great white shark diving in South Africa, it is also touted as being the Shark Diving Capitol of The World. Over the last three decades, the shark diving industry has developed from virtually a one-man-show-type set up to large […]

Best Shark Diving Spots in the World

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Top 4 Shark Diving Spots in the World Most people have a bucket list. That list of things we want to do in a lifetime. For some it is buying a sports car, getting a tattoo, climbing Mount Everest, but for people who love being in the water, it’s going to be something a little […]

Shark Species of South Africa

great white shark south africa

The Most Common Shark Species in South Africa Did you know the word shark may have originated from a Dutch word meaning villain? They were given this name because they are fish that exhibit predatory behaviour. We have learnt over time that not all sharks are predatory, towards humans anyway. They are often identified by […]

Top Water Adventures in Cape Town

water activities cape town

These are the top 5 water activities in Cape Town: 1. Shark Cage Diving Diving with sharks is most likely the top water-based adventure for thrill seekers in the world. South Africa has some of the best locations to go shark cage diving where most notably the Great White Shark, Bronze Whale Shark, Seven Gill […]

A Glossary of Terms Used at Sea

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For the everyday man who doesn’t spend their time at sea or around others in the areas of nautical or marine science there are just some terms people use that make you scratch your head and go: ‘’what?’’. We have compiled a definitive sea terms guide to help you feel like more of an expert. […]