The Rarest Shark Species in the World

what is a pajama shark

By Kiara Homan There are over 500 different shark species worldwide. Many have adapted their characteristics to survive their environment. Most of us know the majestic and powerful apex predator sharks who frequent waters where humans are found, but many smaller species are rarely sighted. In this article, we discuss some of the rarest shark […]

Air Jaws: Apocalypse

Air Jaws: Apocalypse

We are Celebrating Air Jaws Apocalypse Air Jaws Apocalypse, filmed in 2012, had a few novel scenes and the show was based around an attempt to track down and get to know one of Seal Islands’ famous big great white sharks, Colossus. Personally, the absolute highlight of this show was my chance to paddle board […]

How to Choose a Shark Cage Diving Destination in South Africa

how to choose a shark cage diving destination

By Kiara Homan There are a few things to consider when looking for a place to shark cage dive. Location is a huge factor. The three main places to dive are Cape Town, Gansbaai and Mossel Bay: each with its own unique offerings. Each location is situated within a bay. The Cape Town location is […]

Shark Cage Diving Experience in Simon’s Town

Great White Shark Split Image

The 22nd of August 1996 was a significant day for Great white shark eco-tourism in False Bay. This was the day the first ever great white shark breach was observed and recorded at Seal Island and also the start of the World’s fascination with breaching great white sharks. Chris Fallows from Apex Shark Expeditions shares the […]